About Us

About Travel Designer Group

The journey to design travel was started in 1999 with a small but dynamic team, as an Outbound Tour operator offering short haul destinations.

A few years ago, the idea of representing a country locally was a concept only a few knew of, and even fewer had heard of. If travel agents wanted any information about a destination, they conducted their own study, did price comparisons, and asked relatives & friends, if they visited that destination for some sort of reference.

But the obstacles remained persistent - time difference, cost and language barriers. They faced difficultly in contacting tourism offices in destinations abroad for smooth coordination. Therefore, travel agents wished for an easier way out, an intermediary that would be a one-stop solution tending to all their queries and needs regarding a specific destination or the whole world. Travel Designer group came as an answer at a time when exclusive representation of destinations was merely a concept and not much of a reality.

What started with a small but dynamic team, is today, a business that is redefining the rules of the travel industry. Travel Designer group has literally brought the entire world at the doorsteps of our travel partners.

Today, Travel Designer Group is one of the leading travel organizations in the world and a global wholesaler selling hotels, sightseeing and transfer across the globe with product offerings like RezLive.com, XMLHUB, Designer Packages, Designer Indya and RezLive Thailand.

Travel Designer Group is connected with 11,000+ active travel agents all across the globe and offer uninterrupted services to them through state of the art technology.

The three guiding principles below represent the key values of our organization that we continuously nurture:

Open Mindedness

We listen actively, communicate openly and value feedback.

We are open and honest in our dealings and foster a climate of trust and support.

Freedom Through Responsibility

We provide our people with accountability, responsibility and the resources they need.

We actively encourage exposure to our people to reach their full potential.

We provide role clarity and set and maintain standards.

Enterprising Spirit

We encourage an innovative creative environment.

We constantly challenge the way we do things.

Our Geographic Coverage Have Presence Over
32 Countries

Travel Designer Group Vision

To be the leading global wholesale travel company across the globe.

To have presence across the globe providing Inbound & Outbound services.

To facilitate enhanced & easy accessible Inbound services to Middle East under one interface.